Thursday 24 August

It has been another fabulous month for Woodway with another 7 winners so far in August including ICE AGE winning the sprint final at Windsor on Monday.  This has been a long term plan for the horse, we qualified earlier in the season, came back to win the last qualifier and then stepped up another notch to win the final worth £45,000 to the winner.  This was a great pay day for the enthusiastic owners Eden Racing.  They were very patient with him as he suffered an injury after his 2nd race as a 2yo and didn't run for 6 months.  He is the sort of horse who will improve and improve which is really exciting for all of us.

This week-end is going to be chaotic but exciting.  We have got 8 runners going to 4 different meetings on Saturday which will certainly stretch the resources.  3 horses are running in races worth over £100,000 and we also have a group runner at Windsor.  If one of them comes in it will be a very exciting day.

On another note, the issue of non-runners seems to rumble on.  It is so difficult to get it right with 48 hour declarations.  Up to now this summer all your soft ground horses have been needed.  In fact we have declared on ground good or softer for the week-end, however with drying weather I think most places it will be quicker.  Unless you get a rogue thunder storm like we did at York on Wednesday producing 15mms of rain an hour, so what do you do, declare your soft ground horses hoping for rain, or your firm ground horses hoping it doesn't rain?

In my opinion, punters are not too worried about the non-runners that happen on the morning of the race, after all we are constantly being told that football betting is one of our biggest competitors and you only get team sheets 30 minutes before kick-off, even then you can get late replacements if they get injured in warm-up and the manager can substitute a player at any time.  The non-runners that really vex people are the late withdrawals which cause a Rule 4, which are mostly unavoidable.

So fingers crossed we get the right weather at the right tracks for all my horses, and have a fantastic bank holiday week-end.

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