9 February 2017

I can't believe we are already in the middle of February.  January was unbelievably busy with house moving, horse moving, re-roofing oh and skiing obviously!

So I have moved into the main house at Woodway.  The parents have moved into my grandmother's old house which which is 200 yards down the road and right next to the bottom yard, so they will be keeping a keen eye on that for me.  So Woodway, it seems very strange to be back in my childhood home.  Strange, but lovely.  It is wonderful being right in the middle of the yard, but also has its drawbacks in that I don't walk away from the office, it tends to follow me into the kitchen!  So, we are now in the throws of painting and decorating and a little bit of building works.  Hopefully by the time the season gets into full swing, the house should be in tip top shape.

Horse movements.  Starlit Cantata has been retired to stud, she has gone back to her owners and will be covered in a month or so.  Unfortunately Nuptials is joining her, as although she has ability, she does not seem to want to share it with the rest of us.  She is beautifully bred though and hopefully will be having some lovely babies.

We are busy getting horses in and we have also welcomed some new owners this year.  Bill & Jenny Simpson  bought the Bahamian Bounty colt who is named Jack Crow and they are also sending me a couple of older horses to train too.  We have also had some nice horses from breeders as well.

We still have a couple of horses which are not completely sold, so if you are interested in taking a leg or a percentage please get in touch for details.  I also have a lovely filly to lease if anyone is interested.


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