22 November 2016

Its that time of year again.  Not many runners (although we have got 4 tomorrow on the all-weather) and the weather is miserable.  However we do have the excitement of the yearlings to keep us warm.  When you are riding yearlings we all have what we call the FF which gives us that inner glow.  FF is fear factor, and when you are on one that is a bit lively you certainly don't get cold.  I am delighted to say that after a very brief comeback last year I have now officially retired from riding yearlings.

On Sunday we had our annual yearling parade, and the weather gods were very kind to us.  We had a window of about 6 hours of no rain, which gave us time to get the place looking tidy and show off our lovely new stock.  They all behaved really well and showed themselves off well.  We had a lovely mixture of new and old owners and hopefully they were impressed by what we had to show.

We did sell a lot of the youngsters, but I still have one or two crackers that are looking for owners, so get in touch if you would like to come and see them with an eye to taking a share.

On the runners front, we have had a few on the all weather without a high degree of success recently.  The £500,000 is so close I can nearly touch it, but is seeming ever more elusive as my horses are not picking up any prize money.  Hopefully we can do it before 31 December, I've got 4 running tomorrow and they all have chances, so fingers crossed.

I ran What About Carlo in the hottest novice hurdle possible at Cheltenham last Sunday.  He jumped like a buck and was travelling really well coming into the home straight, however, he got his feet stuck in the very sticky mud and could not quicken when the others did.  We were highly encouraged by this run and it looks like we will go to Newbury for a maiden hurdle on 14th December.  I don't think I have the temperament to be a jumps trainer though, I was terrified he might hurt himself and found the whole thing very stressful indeed.


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